The Work

The Work

PYDC is a community coalition working with partners and surrounding communities.  Please click on the following icons for information about the work that we are doing.

Sticker Shock Campaign

A sticker Shock Campaign is a project where the community, youth and alcohol retailers all work together to combat minors getting access to alcohol.

Social Marketing Campaign

Social Marketing uses the principles that advertising uses, but geared toward social issues.

Social Norms Campaign

One commonly known component of social norming is “peer pressure.” Regardless of age, peer pressure is a part of most people’s lives.

Photo Voice Project

Photo Voice is a project that puts cameras in the hands of creative youth and offers an opportunity to record and reflect upon their community’s strengths and concerns.

Hidden In Plain Sight

The exhibit is a mock teenage bedroom that allows adults to go through to see possible red flags for unhealthy behavior and/or substance use.

Healthy Plymouth

A subcommittee of PYDC, Healthy Plymouth has prevention programming to engage youth in free, meaningful activities outside of school.

Cluster Collaboration

The collaborative towns, Plymouth, Middleboro and Carver, will work to implement strategies that will have a sustained effect of prevention and reducing underage drinking and other drug use and the devastating consequences that can ensue.

Behavioral & Emotional Health Subcommittee

A subcommittee of PYDC, established in the Fall of 2016, to address ongoing concerns about the relationship between these areas and substance abuse.

Project Outreach

Project OUTREACH is a collaboration of Public Safety Agencies and Healthcare Providers for addiction.  They hold Drop In Centers twice a month, and many towns in Plymouth County are a part of Project OUTREACH.