Behavioral & Emotional Health Sub Committee

Behavioral & Emotional Health Sub Committee

The Behavioral & Emotional Health Sub Committee of Plymouth Youth Development Collaborative was established in the Fall of 2016 to address ongoing concerns about the relationship between these areas and substance abuse. The Sub Committee is comprised of a variety of representatives, including school personnel, parents, community members and employees of various agencies, all interested in working collaboratively towards the following goals:

Increasing access to existing resources

Reducing barriers to accessing existing resources

Increasing community awareness of resources available

Identifying gaps in existing services & working to address those gaps

Reducing the stigma associated with behavioral & emotional health challenges and the accessing of Resources for support

The team is taking a multi-faceted approach that involves looking at three major groups needing support:

The children & adolescents in our community

The families raising the children & adolescents in our community

The educators providing schooling to the children & adolescents in our community

Support and education is being considered across three tiers, or levels:

Tier 1: Preventative Supports Available to All

Tier 2: Intervention and Support for Early/After Onset* (may require referrals diagnosis and access may be limited by insurance)

Tier 3: Support for those needing Treatment for Chronic or Severe Issues*

* This language is used in one of our guiding documents written by the Center for Mental Health in Schools in Los Angeles, California (

The group is building upon work the Department of Mental Health did in conjunction with the Plymouth and Marshfield Public Schools on creating the H.O.P.E. Project Website: Many wonderful resources are available there.

Please contact Trina Camarao if you are interested in joining the committee, or have any comments, questions or suggestions:

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